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Transferring Your FOMO to Your Future Self

Finding A Work-Life Balance After the Pandemic As A Creative 📝🎨🎭👩‍🎤💃🏽

After the long days of solitude in the pandemic, I have a hard time turning down an invite to an event or party.

Even if I have an assignment deadline or more creatively productive things to do, I am always afraid that there’s going to be another reason for unprecedented isolation.

Recently, this has taken a toll on my overall productivity. I find myself getting home after these events too tired to put effort into my professional goals, creative hobbies, private social life, or personal ventures.

I get so afraid of missing out right now but really need to be afraid of missing out on my future self, my goals becoming reality, life-changing networking opportunities, new people or perspectives, and the impact that I could have on future generations with my art.

Here are 5 Tips for Finding a Work-Life Balance as a Creative.

1. Budget while keeping your creative investments within your necessity pool. Your art needs funding and without an investor, you’ll need to be the main source of financial support. Act as if your makeup/paint brushes, your studio time, and other supplies are necessities for the month and siphon that money out accordingly. If you want your creative interests to make money, you should consider investing a decent amount of capital.

2. Draft your schedule in advance. Your schedule doesn’t have to be perfect, but monthly, weekly, and daily updates can keep you on track with your goals. You'll need to review this schedule often to stay on track.

3. Set boundaries. When at networking events don’t indulge as much as you would at a social event (you need to be aware of the connections you're making and how to expand on those), be sure to get home before an appropriate time to abide by the next days schedule, and when you accept opportunities make sure they are beneficial to you as well.

4. Follow your genius. Don’t be afraid to let an idea or a project incubate while you work on something else. Of course, it’s great to push through sometimes, but if you get an idea to start something else while working on a big project, begin that process even if it means just adding it to your notes and doing quick research. It may lead you to more inspiration for the projects you haven’t finished!

5. And lastly, get your rest! Self Care is important, read my article “Simple Ways to Show Yourself Your Own Love Language” for more ideas on how to do so!

From now on let’s use our energy for growth and expansion! The future is only as beautiful as we make it. Get crafty!

</3 Osh


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