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Simple ways to show yourself your own love language

What is your Love Language?

  • Physical Touch 🫂

  • Quality Time 🫰🏾

  • Receiving Gifts 🎁

  • Words of Affirmation 💛

In times of increased anxiety, it is natural to become destructive. We do this, not only in platonic/intimate relationships or personal/collective ventures, but in the sacred relationship we have with ourselves.

Life is hard and that is okay. What matters is how you treat yourself when it is not going your way.

I find myself hyper focused on blaming my environment, irritating people, or circumstances beyond my control, but some destruction can only come from within.

We all know what a love language is (if not, here is the quiz) and know that feeling you get when you realize someone is hitting those points of affection that are special to you (especially when it is on purpose).

Luckily for us loners (or those who find themselves craving alone time), there are ways for US to restore our own hearts.

Physical Touch

  • Volunteering at a pet shelter/Touch Aquariums

  • Feet in warm sand/grass

  • Personal pedicure/manicure

  • Bundle up next to a fire

  • Learn a craft/hobby that involves your hands (I.e. cooking, knitting, ceramics etc)

Words of Affirmation

  • Listening to motivational speeches

  • Journaling

  • Create affirmation sticky notes

  • Record a personal prep voice note for tough times, encourage yourself!

Acts of Service

  • Update your playlists

  • Hire someone to clean your living space/car

  • Mani/Pedi

  • Start an herb garden

Receiving Gifts

  • Solo shopping date

  • Plan to go on a Stay-cation in your city or in a nearby city

  • Craft a handmade gift or card

  • Go grocery/flower shopping

Quality Time

  • Go to a sports game

  • Solo festival/concert

  • Meditation

  • Hiking

  • Museum Tours

I really hope you all enjoy this list. Feel free to follow me here or on IG @ashleytou for more!


Osh Tousana ❤️

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Courtney Tousana
Courtney Tousana
Mar 09, 2023

I love it and will def be trying some of these!

Replying to

Im glad you like the post! 😊

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