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The BEATdown: Makeup Trends To Watch in 2024

Updated: Feb 4

Welcome back and happy New Year! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of new trends this year in makeup! All being well, the creative tenacity of 2023 will be a springboard for makeup creation in 2024, showcasing how expansive and inclusive the field really is.

2023 was like the makeup, beauty creative renaissance, where experienced artists were influencing the average person to update their neutral looks for more experimental expressions.

New trends were popping up every day and even celebrities that normally go for a paletable nude look, were stepping out of the box to hire influencers to expand on their image. 2023 gave us drama, true gore, and brought the social media self-taught MUAs further out of their shells!

To start, here are some of the most fascinating trends of 2023.

*note: all creators/muses can be found via instagram/tiktok handles

1.Unlawful mediums

With careful consideration to detail, makeup artists and content creators used floral arrangements around the eyes as shadow replacements, greenery and chains as brow decor, threads as foundation replacements, and temporary hair prosthetics were being made out of various cardboard.

@michelawarebi @planetberny @meicrosoft

2. Character Recreation

Mainstream media used to view character recreations and cosplay as something sacred for a festivals, conferences, or holidays. Makeup artist, cosplay enthusiasts, and creators on social media broke the mold even more this past year with not only blood and gore recreations, but also mythical creatures from this world and literary worlds alike.

@doechii @lexilalamakeup @naezrahlooks @gabxxrielle @adamburrell

3. 101 Ways to Say "Natural" and "Neutral"

“Latte” Makeup, “Latina makeup”, “Tomato Core”, “Potato Girl”, and “Naomi Campbell eyes” are among the many ways social media makeup artists noted neutral beats.


4. Heavy Contour

This may have been remnants of the 90s core styles and early 00s chaos, but contour was heavily placed on noses, cheekbones, and even lips this year. For sculpted looks, changes in bone structure, etc. I enjoyed it, but this seems to be the most critically acclaimed trend for the entirety of the 2000s.


5. Alien/Futurism Core

I especially enjoyed this aspect of content creation this year, with the popularization of unnatural foundation and contact colors/shapes, this is the main trend that I believe really opened the flood gates for a more eccentric and daring makeup scene. Artists created looks after mystical beings, including aliens, sea monsters/mermaids, and even created shapes we had never seen before. The creativity required to make mystical beings and unnatural face shapes, with no prior inspiration, is a skills I admire.

@hairconda @isabellrrose @meicrosoft @beautyspock

Now let's get into these trends for the new year!

1. 3-D Brows

Beads, Chains, and Bows! Oh my!

@lynda.florae @makeupbychelseax @nyalathemua

2. Ultra Cheeky Shades

I hope that we will see more unconvential shades in blush. More yellows, greens, and maybe even browns!

@f.bermann @glamxbrit @naomilakemua @namglam

3. Intricate Lips

The days are over of artists simply putting nude or ombré monochromatic lips with makeup. Gaudy lip styles are almost becoming a standard and I AM HERE FOR IT! These eye looks are way too intense for that simple look of the past.

@aoifeartist @makeupbychelseax @babenexttdoor @lydiacburt @jezzhill

4. Coquette

I can't tell if this is us healing our "inner" children, but bows and cutesy ballet-core are trendy right now! I'm here for this trend following us throughout yet another year!

@isabelleikpeme @meicrosoft @beautybyhala_

5. Platinum Brows

This trend is truly timeless!

@jaeldorotan @blvirr_ @zioranachidimma

6. Inverted Contour

This trend will be difficult for the regular or novice artist to grasp, but I could see this becoming all the rage in editorial looks.

@deemakeupart @kaci_shiers @meicrosoft

7. Outlandish Lashes

The longer and more audacious the better!

@kyliejenner @deemakeupart @sirraccarris

8. Exploring Color Theory

Colors and shades for all skin tones are derived from the basic primary colors. Artists are exploring this trend and I see brands coming out with diy foundation, contour, and lip kits more this year too! My favorite brand creative contribution of the year is YSLs Custom Lip Color Creator. I hope brands create a foundation color version!

@trevorbarrett @makeupbymonica @arenee.mua @imemma.z

9. Unnatural Freckles

I guess I was ahead of the curb as a child when I used to draw strawberry shortcake freckles on my cheeks with eyeliner 😂 Some makeup artists of today are getting a lot more creative with their medium and choosing jewels or tattoo ink, while others are simply adding new shapes and colors.

@babyleska @aglitchinthemakeup @___t_a_t_a___ @ink.body1

What do you think #10 should be? I want to say that, after the Margiela show, more glossy full face looks will arise, but that does not seem like it will become a popular trend. Of course, other than artist rendentions on TikTok. With that being said, I will let you decide! Comment what you think :)

Thank you for reading ;) Come back for more Beatdowns by Osh this year!

As you may have noticed, we have a different name. I've decided to switch over to a monthly update to manage better with posting, while I work on becoming a ProMUA. I hope you all still enjoy the articles! If you have any questions or opinions, I would love to hear them. I am also all ears for any tips on becoming a PRO MUA, especially in editorial looks and colorful glam. Even if it's just recommendations for makeup products to try or content creators to watch.

Again, I appreciate you all for reading and hope to become your favorite publication for makeup updates!

-Osh :)

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