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OSH Travels - 7 day Medellin, Colombia Travel Itinerary

Greetings to my new Travel Buddies,

Welcome! It feels great to finally introduce my travel blog OSH TRAVELS!

I truly hope you all enjoy this year's destinations and itineraries. I tried my best to incorporate authentic culture, food, art, and (mostly thrilling, but some peaceful ~~I promise) adventure in my trips to get a good grasp of a country in less than 2 weeks.

As you can see, the itineraries posted to my Pussy Power blog will be just the bones of the exploration, but for $5 extra you can get the links and a list of restaurants, tourist/local fun zones, hostels, and clubs in the area too! *DM @ashleytou for more info*

Follow me on IG (@ashleytou) to see the video reviews!

Starting in the marvelous city of Medellin tucked in the valleys of Antioquia, Colombia. I explored the city online (before my departure) and in-country to find my favorite hostels, safe and accessible Airbnbs, cafes, vibrant clubs, and restaurants just for you :)

I want to encourage globalized community exploration AKA traveling far and wide to experience the fun, food, language, and cultural similarities in communities across the world. It is important for us all to understand our differences to better craft an inclusive future in whatever field you work or express yourself in.

So, let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the itinerary is or if you have any questions or suggestions for this city or future ones!

Happy Traveling,

Osh :)

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Courtney Tousana
Courtney Tousana
Jun 15, 2022

Woah the cow milking and horseback riding experience seems amazing! can’t wait to get the full itinerary!

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