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The Met: & The Looks that kept on giving

The Met Gala is THEEEE perfect opportunity for the Glam Girls & Guys to live vicariously through the minds & stylists of their fave celebs. This Years Met Gala served as the perfect opportunity to step or be stepped on. We’ve put together our fave looks from that night so you don’t have to!

This year's theme was “Karl Lagerfeld: A line in beauty” an Ode to the late Creative Director & Former Designer & of reputable Fashion houses & brands like Patou, Chloé, Fendi, & Chanel. He was celebrated for his love of accessories, ready-to-wear couture & clever usage of different textiles. His fresh ideas made him both a pioneer & icon in his lifetime. Take a walk with us as we look at some of our fave Celebrity renditions & twists from this historic event honoring the former Designer.


Grace Elizabeth: Wearing a custom John Rogers Dress, & Ana Khouri jewels styled by Natasha Colvin. Grace left no stone unturned. Wearing the warmest shades of pink this beautiful geometric style Gown was crafted with the idea of taking up space in mind. The large bodice & flow of the gown gave us Princess vibes. The Khouri Jewels add a subtle fairy-like elegance to round out such a fun & eclectic take on what we believe to be the most beautiful Spring rendition of a Chanel Bride.

The makeup artist, Maki (@ makiryoke) crafted this dreamy look with what reminds me of a futuristic take on the 2014 Lagerfeld x Fendi collaboration pinks. She meshes the iridescence of the late 2000s makeup trends and the signature Chanel Pearl (which was also placed in the hair by the amazing @ mustafayanaz) to showcase the late designer's eye for innovative design. The brow is dark, thick, natural, and juicy as this is in style today. Finally, a deep red blush (paired with a pastel pink blush on the upper cheekbones) brings out a natural warmth, topping it all with a dark metallic nude lip that seamlessly brings these beautiful pink & metallic shades together seamlessly.


Anok Kai: Absolutely stunning per usual let’s start there. Anok is wearing an Atelier Prabal Gurung dress with Mindi Mond Jewelry to perfectly complement the dramatics & Chicness of this dress. The hand embroidery, sheer tulle train & mermaid style dress adds the perfect angelic flare to this dress. Gurung did an amazing job adding his own modern flair to the classic Chanel veil. Anok is yet again leaving us with thoughts on if she might be the first Angel you see when you get to High Fashion Heaven.

This makeup Oh My! We all love a hydrated subtle beat and artist Sheika Daley (@ officialsheiks) has truly mastered this glossy, almost radiant gold, on Black women especially. On Anok, the artist first drew us in with this dewy, golden face, & captivating us for the true reveal of eye makeup when the model removed her mesh veil. The gold on the eyes is a pigmented liquid liner by Lancôme which has recently sparked the interest of the TikTok girls. Lastly, the body balm on her arms and chest sealed this look. Highlighting & empathizing with the structure of her chest like an armored suit & reminding us that Anok is not one to be played with!


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: The Men did not come to play honey. Shai is wearing a custom Thom Browne couture look, & Miki Moto pearls, & styled by Yashua Simmons. (In my humble opinion Thom Browne had some of the best custom looks this night) This classic blazer & overcoat look pays homage to some of Lagerfeld most memorable 1990s Chanel designs. The Thom Browne elements layered perfectly with this tweed look & Shai does it so seamlessly. Reminding us yet again exactly why he was voted ‘GQ’s most stylish Man of the Year’ in 2022.

No makeup here, but the signature KL shades were perfectly on theme.


Brian Tyree Henry: Wearing a custom design from the late designer himself. This collaboration took inspiration from his 2016-17 Bridal collection. Brian perfectly blends together both the feminine & masculine elements of these designs. While bringing his very own spin of androgyny to the effortlessly elegant & regal look. The pearls, the open Blazer, the Tulle & flare of the cape. This look had everything, a beautiful ode to what fashion & personal style means on a larger scale. Beauty & being chic is for any & everybody & this Met look did not come to play.

Though these were our personal faves we wanted to highlight some honorable mentions & the artists/stylists that helped curate them. Special shout-out to Rihanna and countless others for perfecting the Lagerfeld Shu Uemura red lip. That red deserves to last a lifetime. An additional special mention to Doja Cats prosthetic artist, Malina Sterns (@ worshipmina), known for Melanie Martinez’s most recent facial masterpiece, who shocked the public with her rendition of Choupette on the carpet. Lastly, Jackson Wang, Teyana Taylor, and Cara Delevigne deserve a special mention for most on-theme hair of the night for sure, with Young Miami’s original Pre-Met look coming in at a close second. All & all this event was a beautiful reminder that Fashion is fun first & timeless always.

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