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Meet One of This Generations Icons, Hair By Susy’s Susan Oludele by Alaiya Lee

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Boss is an understatement when portraying the most talented, idiosyncratic hairstylist in the hair industry: Susy Oludele. Her colorful and esteemed brand, Hair by Susy was created by faith when she realized her passion was styling hair and highlighting the beauty of black culture. Betting on herself after quitting her job as a home health aid and employee at Mcdonald’s over a short period of time is what propelled her toward a bigger purpose. With her consistency and dedication for her brand, she managed to attract many of the biggest names in the music and fashion industry.

Susy’s portfolio is not only extensive, it’s hella impressive. From Rico Nasty for Notion Magazine to Jeremy Harries for the Met Gala, this Nigerian-American hair stylist shows out on editorial, memorable looks. Can we really forget Solange’s blonde braids and red beads for Surface Magazine or Beyonce’s signature side cornrows? She mentions that although limitless, her style mostly references colors, beads and anything remotely cool. Susy explains that we are royal, as braids and beads were a symbol of hierarchy by our ancestors. 

“I use my culture to not only create some very interesting art, but I also use it to speak to people. There is something powerful about being African and being an artist. It feels like my ancestors are working through me and in me,” she says. Susy’s work proves to be more than just hair braiding, it’s an outlet for her artistic expression. The cool aesthetics of her braiding style and her merit are what keeps her salon and the HBS team booked and busy.

Hair by Susy, located in Brooklyn is known to be the dopest salon in New York to get braids done. In addition to her renowned salon, she’s established an online beauty supply store. “We decided to take pictures of the products and post them to our website, It was such a humbling process and proud that we could be able to bring our online beauty supply to life,” she says. Susy reveals that the idea for her online beauty supply store was inspired by COVID-19 now that businesses are going contactless. She wanted to make buying hair products online convenient. 

In addition to being a dope hairstylist, Susy wears many other hats. She and her team assembled LADY, your new favorite coffee table book focused on celebrating women around the world while showcasing her mastery. 

“We created that book to celebrate black hair in the workplace, we also have it published that can be bought on or any major platforms. We did a fashion presentation with Okayafrica to premiere it and it was picked up by” LADY not only reveals beauty advice for black women, but gives its readers major inspiration. 

Although Susy is a highly sought after entrepreneur, she is also a transparent woman who is incredibly vocal about her health. To spread fibroid awareness, last year Susy shared with her viewers her fibroid surgery. Stressing the significance of eating plant-based, she attributes the source of her 7 fibroids to an unhealthy diet. “Until I got 7 massive fibroids that was so painful, which was a lesson because it taught me to love myself more,” she says. She recommends cutting out red meat, fried foods, and dairy to prevent fibroid growth. Susy’s resilient mental disposition kept her going despite her pain tolerance.  

Hair by Susy is more than a hair salon and hair brand. On the HBS website Susy  shares her story and the importance of betting on your dreams. As early as age 11, she had an inkling that black empowerment through the social art form of braiding was her purpose. By living in this purpose, she has succeeded in inspiring black hair artists and content creatives reaching to work with notable magazines and celebrities. Her platform has created avenues for young black girls who aim to conquer the hair industry in the future.

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