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a .sadgirlsradio conversation (episode 5)

hey pussy power readers ( & new .sadgirlsradio listeners)

episode 5 is now available here!


tap play to hear the full episode.


about the conversation

in this episode I sit down with atlanta-based artist, barlow. we talk about what it is like during these current times we are living in and how that has had an effect on our crafts. we further discuss creativity & music while living in a world where there is a global health pandemic, racial injustice, and limited physical interactive between one another. this is what has shaped what 2020 is looking like for any artist. we talk about continuously supporting other creatives all while trying to get through a creative block and producing real good shit.

about the radio show

.sadgirlsradio provides a listening space for femme energy & all. 

incorporating curated music by classicaldreams, this radio show talks about real life issues, staying grounded, and remaining whole from a women's standpoint. all while providing feel good vibes that can be calm, soul-filling, and groovy.

be sure to follow @sadgirlsradio & @classicaldreams on instagram

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