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Why the Oscars are my favorite guilty pleasure & stylists of Color you should know.

The Oscars are always an exciting place, whether it be because of a well-deserved slap or hosts telling dry jokes, or the best celeb selfie moments. All in all the most delectable part of this celebrity & socialite-filled experience is the beautiful, glamorous & sometimes eclectic looks we get to dig into. But who are the creative minds behind these looks & why the hell are they so talented?! Since I’m so generous I decided to compile my favorite looks & who they’re styled by.

Whether it’s the Oscars or the Met Gala Alton Mason never fails to bend conventional standards of Male Fashion. Wearing red Monochrome Valentino couture & Maison Margiela, Alton yet again shows that he is the shining example of fabric coming to life on the body. Always duplicated & executed amazingly. For this look, Alton was Styled by the incredibly talented Kollin Carter, who shadowed & assisted the Goated Senior Stylist Law Roach. Kollin Carter yet again shows why he is the IT Boy for Celebrity styling. Whether it be sourcing the most coveted archive pieces, or curating the perfect looks for each client. Kollin has proved time & time again that he can & will do it all.


Tems… I am speechless. Styled by emerging Face in fashion & Nigerian Born stylist Dunsin Wright while wearing Lever Couture. Dunsin has experimented with Afro-futurism & mixing of traditional African fabrics & textiles. You can see some of her inspirations worn by Tems who seems to serve as the perfect muse. She looks effortlessly snatched in this sculpted & futuristic look, shaping her stand-out features & lovely curves. This look captured what the first Angel you see upon your arrival to Heaven looks like. Dunsin & Tems seem to have amazing style chemistry & she has yet to fail her. Always mixing soft, unique, & tantalizing looks that Tems always executes.


Fan Bing Bing is Wearing Tony Ward couture & styled by Christopher Bu. Who is known for incorporating Chinese elements within his designs & styling work. Bu, is a wonderful example of what it looks like to highlight culture & high fashion. Bu intentionally makes designs that show the beauty of his heritage & the natural elements that inspire him. This is one of those dresses that you draw in your Diary as a Little Girl. The exaggerated sleeves & jeweled gown blend French design & Old Hollywood together beautifully.


Now… Now I’ve saved the best for last. Meg Thee Stallion making her debut appearance since her hiatus styled by Veteran & history maker Law Roach & wearing custom Bach Mai. Law Roach has such a natural talent for dressing Women but Black women especially. The face behind Zendaya’s breakout style & the first Black person to win Hollywood Styles ‘Most powerful stylist’ in 2021 & 2022. Law Roach is the face that we needed in fashion. Making a constant effort to only dress clients in Black designers & showing the world that natural styles & Black beauty can be worn in every setting but especially on the Red Carpet. He is the inspiration & mentor behind so many new & emerging faces in fashion. Here Law so effortlessly styled this tapered gown with fluffy coils & chrome makeup to match. This mermaid-style gown with a bustier bust so wonderfully brings Megs' curves together for a subtle & classy look. So glad to see her back, but so sad to hear about Laws retirement.

So now that we can put a face behind these looks I hope that we continue to uplift & support Creatives & Artists of color. Each one of these stylists has the natural talent for bringing art to life on the body. Our Celeb faves are our faves for a reason! They have the support of a team & people who love what they do. I hope these artists continue to receive their flowers & they know how much we love their minds, work, & contributions. So Next time you see your homegirl taking a LITTLE too long getting dressed go in the closet & help Her you could be the next person dressing someone on the Red Carpet Honey.

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Loved seeing the stylists behind the looks getting their flowers in the content instead of the teeny tiny credits! “Our Celeb faves are our faves for a reason! They have the support of a team & people who love what they do.” 👏🏾👏🏾


Courtney Tousana
Courtney Tousana
Mar 15, 2023

Great read!

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