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The In Crowd ATL Newsletter: New Year, New Skin

Now that we’ve traded in our swimsuits for cashmere sweaters, we are quickly realizing that there is a whole other layer of protection we need to worry about. We are talking about protecting your skin and you only get one set of skin so why not take care of it! With cold winds, freezing temperatures, and even snow flurries, it is important that you are taking the extra steps to cleanse, tone and moisturize during these harsh months. In this month’s letter we adding on wanted to highlight three woman-owned skincare brands that will help you look and feel your smoothest during these frigid months.

Nola Skinsentials is an essential skincare line for millennials. Created in 2017, Nola was founded after the owner realized her own skin care issues were not being catered to. Inspired by mother nature to give to those who want a glowing complexion, Nola creates all of their products out of plant-based materials. They also have resources on their website such as quizzes and other tools that will help you build your own customized skin regimen according to your skin type. Nola Skinsentials believes in real skin goals by using real models and untouched images guaranteeing you real results. While you’re checking out their website, don’t forget to add some cool skin care tools like their body buff gloves or the ola body buff scooper. Nola not only benefits melanated skin tones but all skin tones because with Nola Skinsentials there’s no glow left behind.

Next up, we have Renae Beauty. Renae Beauty hand makes body, skin, and beauty products to help protect and refresh melanated skin. They feature beauty products such as their Body Gloss Calendula and their Even-Turmeric exfoliating scrub that will help keep your skin looking dewy during the gloomy months. Renae beauty also allows you to post your testimonials directly to their website which is great if you’re looking for a skin care brand that bears real results!

The last brand we are highlighting is The Butter Bar Skin Care ATL. Founded by Kimberly Chloe Wilson in December 2014, The Butter Bar Skin Care ATL is a sister company of the original Houston location. They started out as just an ingredient obsession from their owner who had very sensitive skin. Since their start, The Butter Bar Skin Care has become an all natural lifestyle and skin care brand that aims to improve both your skin and your life. They pride themselves on being made out of ingredients that “are good enough to eat.” The Butter Bar Skin Care ATL helps educate women on making the switch to greener beauty products. They even offer facials, "Butter Butt-Lifts" and waxes at both of their spa locations.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s issue and were able to discover some helpful brands to add to your daily skin care routine. Don’t forget to visit their websites and follow these brands on social media.

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