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Summer Essentials: The Ultimate Color Combinations

There’s nothing like adding little pops of color/ statement pieces to your outfit to make you stand out from the crowd. Adding in a bag or shoes of a different color to your look can take you from looking normal to all eyes on you. Here are three of my favorite color combinations that you should try out this summer:

Light Pink + Baby Blue

I think pink & blue go well together because they’re kind of opposites. Seeing two opposites colors combined is one of the most visually appealing things to me.

Green + Yellow

While this one is a hard one to pull off IMO, if you are able to pull it off - the reward is a bomb outfit.

Hot Pink + Orange

There are so many cute pink color combinations (pink is just superior tbh) and this pink + orange combo is super fun and cute.

This summer, try out all of these different color combinations and you’ll be the best dressed at the function ;)

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