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Summer 21' Fashion Trends We Love

Outside is open. Actually, let me rephrase that statement. Outside is WIDE open, and summer is in full effect. After a year of being inside, it seems like everyone is ready to show up and show out - and we love to see it. To give you a little inspo for your future summer outfits, here are a few summer fashion trends that we can’t keep our eyes off.


Cutouts, especially side cutouts, are all the rage right now. It gives you the perfect balance of showing off just the right amount of skin for a girl's night out.

Halter Dresses/ Halter Tops

All hail halter dresses! Halter dresses and halter tops have been a noticeable staple this summer, with almost everyone on the gram posing in at least one halter piece. While we’re not sure what catapulted this style to the front, we’re just grateful that this is the summer of the halter dress/top.


This fashion trend is a real contender for our favorite style of the summer. Netting is so chic, sexy, and cool that it just makes you feel like you’re THAT B****. There’s really nothing like spending the summer wearing less and going out more. Shoutout to local black-owned brand G7RDŌ for the below lewks!

Which of these summer 2021 fashion trends are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Last word of advice: live it up this summer!

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