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Staying in: Korean BBQ

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love to enjoy good food. The hardest thing for me since the pandemic isn’t having to wear a mask, not going out or not seeing people. Actually, it’s not being able to eat out! Though others have slowly begun to dine out again, I have been weary of the transition back. I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend’s birthday, but going to a restaurant was not an option. 

For those who do not know what Korean Barbecue is, it is a style of cooking where the grill is center stage and the spread consists of raw meat, raw veggies and side dishes! Why is it raw? Well, that’s because you cook it yourself! To me, gathering around to cook and eat with friends and family is the most fun part of the experience! Though gogigui (Korean BBQ) has been around for thousands of years, it has recently become popular in America. Better late than never I guess! 

To accomplish  K-BBQ while staying in, the first thing I needed to consider was a grill. I decided to go with a small indoor grill due to lack of space. The next thing I needed was fresh ingredients, so I hit up my local farmers market (the day of) and got everything that I needed based off of our personal diets (yes, there are vegan and vegetarian K-BBQ options). Finally, I prepared a few banchans (side dishes) to bring everything together! My favorite was the paengi beoseot (enoki mushroom) that I prepared with a garlic and scallion sauce! If you want to add a super traditional side dish I suggest kimchi or some gochujang! 

Make things interesting by making a spread of different sauces, marinades and spices so that everyone can add their own personal flare to a fun bonding experience for everyone involved! Let me know how you like to do K-BBQ and what your go to banchan dish is in the comments below!

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Great article Courtney ❤️


Amber S
Amber S
Aug 15, 2020

I love KBBQ! I have to try it at home!

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