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Quarantine & Beyond: This Pussy Talks TELFAR

Let’s Talk About TELFAR

By now, every person black and breathing should know about TELFAR. Now at the forefront of pop culture, Telfar bags are the hottest bag out right now that is becoming more and more difficult to get. Originally beginning in 2005, Telfar Clemmons created Telfar a unisex fashion line. Originally, these bags were created to give EVERYONE access to luxury at an accessible price point. There are various colors but these bags size range from small at $150, medium at $202, and large at $257. Since the mass recognition of these bags, people have created bots and began to resell them completely eliminating his concept of accessibility. Before completely sliding into the hypebeast culture, the brand put a complete halt on all drops to sort or the bots draining their stock. Praying they open soon, I wanted to give you all some outfit inspiration on how to rock these bags, tell you how to get them and why this focus is on TELFAR. I was able to snag a few but I am tuned in for the next drop to get some more goodies!!


How to rock them

Pool Blue Small Shopping Bag

For the summer I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. I am not going to lie, I thought the blue one it was not for me when I first saw it. Like many, the color had me nervous sis!!!! But I looked at many pictures and examined what I had in my closet and came up with a lot of ideas. One thing that helps, is the bag is SUPER minimal.

Option 1: You can do an all-denim look and throw on your favorite white sneakers.

Option 2: Or pair it with a neutral satin skirt and some white boots for a more polished look.

Red Small Shopping Bag

If you ever imagined Fenty's Stunna Lip Paint or M.A.C.'s Ruby Woo as a purse... YOU FOUND IT. The red shopping bag is the perfect red!! (Yes ladies it does exist, for my brown skin girls blue-based is the way to go ). Literally the perfect pop of color you can ask for. This bag can be worn year-round!

Option 1: Add this to your work dress and a red lip to shake the table at work.

Option 2: Pair this with some converse, a grey bodycon dress, and a light jacket.

Option 3: Or, use a graphic tee, statement earrings, khaki cargos, and some bold sneakers for some continuous heat.

Black Small Shopping Bag

The black shopping bag IS A MUST HAVE. This is your everyday go-to bag. For most of us, black is our hero color and goes with everything.

Option 1: Pair this with a printed top matching skirt set and strappy sandals for a perfect night out.

Option 2: Pair this with a plaid blazer, biker shorts and colorful sneakers for a cute shopping day.

How to purchase them


If you are a shopper that is not in and out, your chances of getting one will be low. Researching which one you like is key to getting these bags. You must be quick at clicking SHOP> Shopping Bags> (Your style/color)>checkout. I had been looking at these bags pretty much since spring but I was not sure about size or color. The colors were self-explanatory but the sizes…….. I definitely needed a reference. :

  • The small is a clutch bag, you can fit your phone, AirPods, lipgloss, cards, and IDs (there aren’t any interior pockets so please be mindful) This comes with two long straps that can be tucked in or worn as a crossbody. $150

  • The medium is a great everyday tote bag, you can fit a wallet, phone, small makeup bag, and or/ laptop. $220

  • The large is LARGE. This equates to a carryon bag/ weekend bag. You can fit your wallet, electronics, cosmetics and maybe a backup fit or two. $257


In order to stay in the know, you must be subscribed to their post on Instagram & their email notifications to their website. With the store currently being on halt, there is no specific release day like sneakers, you need to prepare yourselves


The last resort. I know a lot of people do not have the time or patience to check every day, I get it. As a stylist, as I am shopping for my clients or myself, the most aggravating part is checking if an item is back in stock. Buttt this is the old school way to be a success. Patience is a must and you might end up lucky


Telfar is a black-owned genderless fashion brand created in New York by Telfar Clemmons. His line adopted his signature, reflected his community, and created a timeless bag fit for all and every occasion. Like many black and brown designers, it took him years to get his current recognition but has been a vital part of influencing the culture for the last 7 years. Clemmons has worked with the likes Solange, White Castle, and had announced a collaboration with GAP that was put on hold due to COVID-19. In this time where we have more resources and the spotlight on black and brown business, if you weren’t buying black, now is the time. Telfar offers an array of fashion pieces. The bags are made with vegan leather and come in your favorite color and size.

Next Week

Next Tuesday I will be touching on outfits for errands. As many counties in Atlanta gear up for the second wave, a lot of people will only be doing essential errands. Right now comfort and safety are soo important. Knowing the girls will wanna be cute regardless, I plan to serve you all some cute and comfortable errand fits. Tune in next week and always remember to KEEP IT CUTE!

Nia Simmone

Twitter & Instagram : @niasimmone

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Em'mia Hughes
Em'mia Hughes
Aug 05, 2020

This was such a great article. I’m excited to start rocking TEFLAR. Genderless & black owned... Such cute pairings! Can’t wait to see more.

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