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Quarantine and Beyond: Quarantine Quick Stops

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Hi Y’all, before we get into let’s address the obvious, I had to take a bi-week. I know I know, I just started and you are still getting your closet together but a girl had food poisoning and needed some self-care days. One thing this pandemic has taught me is, it is OKAY to take a step back and check out for a little bit. There is sooo much going on and as we inch closer and closer to another bogus election period, everything can be so overwhelming. I ran a lot of errands on my week from the grocery store, oil change, and even a small mall pickup and thought about how to get some fits off while still being comfortable. Atlanta is open but COVID is still very real and cases are high here. I know normal feels like its nonexistent but dressing like its “normal “ has helped me tremendously. Keeping your old routine while adjusting to new policies will keep you sane. But we can chat about being in our feelings all day, lets get into some fits for errands.

Grocery Store

One thing you should ALWAYS remember about the grocery store is that it is always 20 degrees lower in the inside. Biker shorts are an easy throw on that looks good on all the girls and doesn’t ride up like regular shorts Pair your biker shorts and crop top with a lightweight colored jacket to give your look that summer pop while keeping you comfortable in the store.

*STYLE TIP: Leave jacket open to give a personal wind blowing effect and add graphic socks to pull the look together.

Jacket: Kenneth Cole

Shoes: Nike Air Max 270 React

Oil Change

Getting your car serviced can be the longest part of your day that many of us put off until the last minute (It is me, I am many of us). Usually, I have to make a WHOLE day out of it, which means I need to be in my most comfortable state. Ladies, sweat shorts are not just for men!!!! Sweatshorts are EVERYTHING for the summer. Pair these sweat shorts with an oversized t-shirt, white sneakers, and white socks.

* STYLE TIP: Take any old oversized graphic tee and cut it on the side seam going up the shirt. You are giving yourself some ventilation and a new style to an old favorite

Sweatshorts: Target Brand

Shirt: Topshop

Mall Pickup

A small fact about me, I absolutely try to avoid the mall at all costs. It is usually packed and takes forever to get through. If I do go, I usually stop to do returns, grab lunch, or quickly dash to Sephora and dash right the hell back out. If I have multiple places to go, I may dress up a little bit more but still super comfortable. For an elevated casual look pair an oversized white button-up with light denim, nude mules, and pop of color in the bag.

*STYLE TIP: Tuck one of the front part of your shirt in for an asymmetrical look and to be extra fancy, style hair in a cute updo.

Button Up Shirt: Halogen

Mules: Schutz

The number one rule to casual fits is comfort!!!! You can always be cute, but comfort is key. Only you know what you are most comfortable in. no matter if you want to pull up the grocery store in a ball gown, it is your body and your choice, and you dictate how you wanna decorate it. We are gonna switch it up a little bit, I’ll see you all next Friday to talk about the IT material of the summer….. ORGANZA. Thanks for keeping in touch and remember to always keep it cute

Nia Simmone

IG & Twitter: @niasimmone

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