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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Hey, y'all and welcome back!!!! Thank you all for coming back and checking in to get fitted.

So look, I am not here to give you fashion’s entire history and knowledge about every little detail. I AM here to put you on to pieces, tips, and tricks to make your wardrobe elevated. One thing that is a MUST KNOW is summer’s best friend….. ORGANZA. Organza is a material that is a sheer lightweight fabric that contains little bitty holes that allow for ventilation. Very similar to mesh and chiffon ( other sheer flowy material) although, organza has a little more structure and is a tad dressier. BOTTOM LINE, organza allows you to really give an outfit structure and elevation without being heavy or appear like you have a lot of clothes on. This a material that can be transitioned year-round but really shines during the summer. Now that you have had a crash course in ORGANZA 101 let’s get into some fits


This lightweight bomber can be paired with anything from dresses to skirts to biker shorts, it's the summer version of a leather jacket. Here I have it paired in an elevated casual way. Complement this in an all-black look with a bright shoe for a pop of color perfect for a SOCIALLY DISTANCED gathering.

Bomber: Zara


This top screams chic and breezy for those hot summer days. This can be worn to work or church. I paired these light denim

( YES, you can do light denim again )

and a pair of white boots for a nice lunch date.

Top: Zara


One thing you all will notice is that I LOVE standard pieces with a modern twist. I CANNOT live without a good ole button-up shirt but in the summer I want something light so if I do throw on a jacket, I am not dying. This black button-up can be cute by itself with some black skinny jeans and some mules. For a more elevated look, throw a colored jacket and a hat to break up the black. This can easily be transitioned to fall

Top: Topshop

Next week I am on vacation so there will be another bi-week. I know I know, but I need some breaks, honey. My goal is to continue to give you better content each week and between COVID, this race war, and the current election, I need to tighten up for y’all. Stay tuned in for the following Wednesday as I have a little shake-up for you guys. I’ll give you a hint on what's in store, it requires something you can never have enough, many people may have it but it can mean something different to each individual. I’ll announce details soon but keep checking back for updates and remember, Always keep it cute !!!

Nia Simmone

IG & Twitter : @niasimmone

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