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Quarantine and Beyond

Hey Y'all,

My name is Nia and I am a stylist in Atlanta, Ga. My mission as a stylist to build multiple outfits off of foundational pieces to expand your wardrobe and to save you some coin. Now we all have the one of a kind pieces that only work for special occasions. My job is to be able to incorporate that and create a story behind it. Due to

COVID -19 I wanted to take my tips and transition them into something that can be used RIGHT NOW!

As the world continues to transition with all that comes with it, Quarantine and Beyond is a series to help you get prepared for the new normal. If you are out here in these streets back to scheduled programing or keeping it cute behind a screen, Quarantine and Beyond has you covered for all your fashion needs. We are covering everything from what to wear on your zoom first date, sneakers to cop while in quarantine, first-day back to work, and first day out in the streets. As we cycle back in, we will always provide guidance on how to transition your wardrobe into the new world.

Quarantine Cutie's First Fits Out

For the girls that are out but are still practicing safe measures, here are some lewks that can inspire you and keep you safe. From hitting the streets, to the grocery store, and to work,

remember to always keep it cute. For the most part, every piece you buy, imagine 3 outfits out of it. The key item here is a REUSEABLE mask that you can buy from almost anywhere or DIY (Use youtube y'all, I promise it's out there and you can save some coins ). For DIY you can use a dust bag or old t-shirt, and you can formulate the design you want to pair with multiple outfits. So let's get into these outfits and don't forget, PLEASE wash your mask because a dirty mask WILL NEVER BE CUTE.

Look 1:

Mask (hand made: you can get a dust bag or old shirt and DIY)

Corset Top (Topshop)

Biker Shorts (Amazon)

Purse (Topshop)

Shoes (Tony Bianco)

Opera Gloves (Amazon)

Sunglasses: (Quay Australia )

Look 2 :

Mask (hand made: you can get a dust bag or old shirt and DIY)

Tee Shirt Crop Top (Naked Wardrobe )

Jumpsuit (Nike)

Purse (Topshop)

Sneakers (Air Jordan)

Look 3 :

Hat (Brixton)

Organza Button Up (Topshop)

Co Ord Striped Midi Set (Topshop)

Shoes (Tony Bianco)

Purse (Topshop)

Mask (hand made: you can get a dust bag or old shirt and DIY)

Please share your thoughts, questions, and concerns in the comment section or reach out to me on any social media platform @niasimmone.

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