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"New Year, New Hair": A Guide To Must-Try Hairstyles For 2021

As a very superstitious person, I am a firm believer that it's important to enter the new year with new energy. A new year is an opportunity to re-invent yourself - be who you wanna be, wear what you wanna wear, and determine how you want to look. This year, I decided to try out a new hairstyle, medium twists, that I've been dying to try as a way of going into 2021 with a fresh look. I've also made a pledge to myself to be more adventurous with my hair choices next year.

Here are some of my picks for all the hairstyles I want to try for 2021:


Fulani braids are so fun and playful to me. They give me flashbacks to being a kid and constantly having my hair braided with my beads!

photo credits: @_kaicealea & @kaisercoby



Butterfly Locs are a new trend that is emerging out of the classic "faux locs" hairstyle. They're more crinkled and less uniform than regular faux locs. I think they are perfect for the winter.

photo credits: @1nonlycash & @jai.marii



I have yet to try a full sew-in with color, so this is one 2021 hairstyle I can't wait to try. Color is such a look, and the possibilities are endless!

photo credits: @superbeautyheair_lily & @beautyhairkathy



Another re-emerging trend that is taking over the hair world is Zig Zag buns. This hairstyle gives me very much Y2K vibes.

photo credits: @hairriloves



Last but not least, we have an OG Style with Jumbo Twists. I think twists of all kinds are perfect year-round, and they look good on pretty much everybody.

photo credits: @blackbeautymag & @harmonicurls


I hope this list opened you up to trying out something new next year. Happy New Year and Cheers to looking like a Baddie ALL 2021! <3

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