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Girl Boss 102: Don't Force Creativity

Today, I dropped my first ever print issue of Flurry Magazine, a zine-inspired physical booklet that highlights black and brown artists and brings' their voices to the forefront. While I am proud of the finished product, I want to speak a little about the steps it took to get here. I think it would be eye-opening for other creative women to see that creativity is not linear, and your art isn't dependent on validation from outside sources.

When I first started producing this issue, I hated almost everything about it. I hated how it looked (I had no prior Photoshop or InDesign experience). I hated that starting was so hard, because I didn't really know where to start. I even began to get frustrated with myself and doubtful that I could pull this feat off.

However, when I stopped trying to force it, and just let my creativity flow naturally, that is when I began to see results. You see, the business and brand that you are building is probably one of your biggest passions in life. It's something that you most likely love to do, or you wouldn't be trying to do it. What I've learned is, forcing anything in that department starts to feel inauthentic, stale, and just plain wrong. Pay attention to what feels right/ fun versus what feels like it is becoming a chore. When I started to have fun with creating this issue, my vision became so much less clouded, like I could finally see again after weeks and weeks of being blind.

To all my creative boss ass women out there, know that you're building your empire for you. Have fun with it. Make sure the only standard that you're trying to reach is the one that you have set for yourself. And if other people happen to fuck with your vision (and ATLEAST one person always will), well that's cool too.

(You can check out Flurry Magazine - Issue One: Nostalgia here. The issue features interviews with Ambrasia Washington, Dhakirah Darrell, Princesa 28, + more & offers over 40+ pages of photography, artwork, and writing dedicated to telling the stories of BIPOC artists.) <3

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