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Girl Boss 101: Building A Brand

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Branding is one of the hardest things to master, yet one of the most important skills to learn. And while I am still learning (because I am not Beyonce no matter how hard I may wish), I have learned a few tricks and tips that I think could be quite helpful in starting a brand.

You MUST have a clear vision for the style and voice of your brand. Do you want your brand to be seen as quirky, edgy, playful, serious? What are you trying to convey with your brand’s style? What are you trying to say? These are some questions that you have to think about before launching your website and social pages.

After establishing your brand voice and style, you will want to work on a website that fits it. There are a few different website options that are pretty reliable, but I would suggest Squarespace. Squarespace is a great tool to build a website because it comes with built-in templates for you to choose from. Customizing your website to fit your brand tone is super important, so DO NOT rush this step. Even if it takes weeks, months, it’s better to wait rather than rush.

The last step is what takes the longest - presenting and promoting your brand. No matter what platform you are promoting your brand on, you have to make sure you are staying consistent. Honestly, this is one of the biggest issue’s I have had in the past with my brand, Flurry. It can be so hard sometimes to push yourself to find the time to work on this, manage that, etc. However, I have found that the more I have established a consistent schedule for myself as far as how often I am promoting and presenting my brand, the more people gravitate towards it.

This is just a small portion of the branding bit that I have learned over the course of me running steps are super important for launching any product or service, and while I am not on the Beyonce or Rihanna level of branding (#goals), I do plan to get better with time. Remember, it’s a process. If you would like me to go into depth on any of these topics or just branding in general, drop a comment down below :)

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