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Finding Your Everyday Style

If you were to ask me what my go-to “style” was four years ago, I would not have had an answer for you. Growing up in my teens and early adulthood, I had no clue what style even meant. A large part of me not being in tune with my style was not knowing what I liked, which led me to own way too many pairs of skinny jeans and then realizing I actually hate skinny jeans. Finding your everyday style means finding who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world. Do you prefer sneakers or platforms? Are you into oversized tees, or are you strictly a “less is more” kind of girl/guy? How do you want to be perceived? Let’s break down a few different variables that can make up your overall style.


I am adamant about finding your color/colors. What colors make your skin and aura pop? What colors drown you out? It’s different for everyone. Personally, my go-to colors are either pastel & bright colors like light pinks/blues or black - there is rarely an in-between for me. But, you may gravitate towards greens or oranges or even darker colors like burgundy. I think it’s important to note what colors make you stand out from the crowd.

Baggy, Tight, or In-Between?

I find myself alternating between this all the time. Some days I love a cute oversize tee with some baggy jeans to match. Other days I want to look like I’ve just come off the runway with a cute crop top and mini skirt. Find balance and discover what clothing makes you feel most comfortable.

Shoes Can Make or Break A LEWK

In the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw, I must say - what is a girl without her shoes? Now, Carrie may have been referring to her closet full of expensive heels, but this thinking still reigns true. Your shoes can make or break your style, being that out of all these categories, we wear our shoes the most. For me, I love platforms - that goes for sneakers, boots, and heels. Although, I do love a good pair of Nike sneakers from time to time. What makes you feel most like yourself?

Finding your style is not hard when you know what you like and don’t like. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Eventually, you’ll come across a style that will turn into a way of life, and you’ll never look back.

Outfit Details:

Top & Bottoms: Thrifted (Try Out Buffalo Exchange For Similar Looks)

Shoes: Naked Wolfe

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