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Elevating Your Sneakers

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Heyyyyyyy y’all !! Long time no see. I took an extended vacation but we are back in FULL EFFECT. So let’s jump in .... so you wanna be a sneakerhead now huh? But no really it’s super cool if you are into sneakers or just now taking a dip because the whole point of sneaker culture is to share your love of sneakers with others !! For those that know me personally, they know Ima always rock a good sneaker and make it fashion. I know that a lot of the girls are not sure where to start ..... don't worry I got you, girl !!!

Beginner Buying Tips:

Step 1: BUY WHAT YOU LIKE !!!!!!!!

Today, the majority of sneaker culture is filled with hype beast ( people that buy things just because everyone else has them). The only opinion IS YOURS, so buy what you like, just make sure it looks good!!


For me, I happen to be looking online and I saw my very first love for shoes! I saw how many colors and silhouettes and how the shoe came to be, then when I got older/ got a job I started buying the things I wanted.

** side note: KNOW YOUR SIZE *

I meet a lot of people when styling them that do not know their size, which I am there to help. But for the girls buying sneakers, that’s not something to play with because a lot of the sneakers go with a quickness


This is the biggest thing within the sneaker world that people lose in all the hype. Enjoy your items. As cringe-worthy as this may sound to sneaker collectors I WEAR EVERY SHOE I OWN no matter how limited. And that’s because I truly love everything I have bought and what it represents.

Follow your local sneaker stores and brands on the socials to stay tuned for all the drops

Okay so now that we know how to get into sneakers, here are some ways to elevate your looks with sneakers if you already have but need some outfit inspiration



Look 1

Shoes: OFFWHITE X Nike Blazer

Jacket: Fear of God Essentials Coach Jacket

Bodysuit: Topshop

Look 2

Shoes: Comme Des Garcons X Nike Shox

Sweatpants: Nike

Sheer Top: Nike

Elevated casual

These looks are perfect for lunch, a museum date, or a mall run

Look 1

Shoes: Air Jordan 6 Retro DMP

Top: Naked Wardrobe

Pants: Zara

Look 2

Shoes: Converse

Pants: Eileen Fisher

Dressy Casual

These looks are perfect for work. They allow you style and functionality. If you are leaving work and heading out, you can take the day with these elevated looks.

Look 1

Bag: Telfar

Top: Zara

Look 2

Suit: Halogen ( bought as separates)

Bag: Marc Jacobs


Now that we know how to style the sneakers stay tuned in to Pussy's Powers IG for

Quarantine and Beyond Presents: The Fresh Fetish a conversation between creatives and sneakerheads on the current state of sneaker culture. This is a bi-weekly series that will feature the scale of all creatives that have a love for sneakers! My first guest will be Yvette Glasco, an AMAZING photographer/videographer. Be sure to check her out in the meantime (IG @yvetteglasco)

The first episode of The Fresh Fetish will be airing Monday, September 28th at 7 pm on Pussy Power's Instagram (@puss.ypower)

Until next time remember to always KEEP IT CUTE!

Nia Simmone

IG & Twitter: @niasimmone

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