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COHZEA: Infinity and Beyond

I originally created Cohzea in 2020. It was a space for me to post all the cool artwork I came across and wanted to share. Fast forward, and after some living, I’ve decided to bring it back. Except this time, there’s more intention and a bigger vision.

Cohzea’s mission is to inspire artists and creatives by exploring and redefining the vastness of contemporary art. What the collective defines as being art has been done heavily through the white gaze. And I think it’s time to walk away from the westernized definition of contemporary art and explore a new one.

What’s contemporary is all of us, right now, existing together. And in many ways, what’s contemporary is something infinite. We naturally live in the present to create the future, and the beauty of that is what motivated me to create Cohzea.

So, shout out to Pussy Power for carving out this space for me. You can expect posts about art and culture in relation to creativity and all I ask is that you come with an open mind. I’ll be posting here biweekly and, in the meantime, follow Cohzea on Instagram @cohzea!

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