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Buy Black For Black Friday

Our Flurry Founder Keiarra McLean wearing Black Owned Brand Daily Paper ;)

To an avid online shopper, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are their own holidays, truthfully. There are so many discounts and deals flying around that it can get a little tricky deciding what you exactly want before the day is over. While every company out there is doing some sort of Black Friday sale, we want to give you a friendly reminder to buy black this Black Friday (+ Cyber Monday)!

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite black-owned brands, both nationally and locally, that we think you should check out for all of your shopping needs.

Telfar is releasing a collaboration with UGG, which features the cutest fury bags eveerrrrrr. The pre-order goes live on Cyber Monday.

Fenty is definitely a #FlurryFavorite for us. The brand, founded by Rihanna, sells everything from makeup to lingerie to clothing.

Founded by three friends, Daily Paper is a clothing brand that loves to play around with bright colors and futuristic designs.

The Matte Brand is a fun clothing brand that offers pieces that leave little to the imagination, and honestly, we love to see it! The company was founded by Briana Shaneé.

Hanifa went viral earlier this year with their futuristic “ghost models” video that showed their clothing walking down the runway. The brand is known for its bright and bold colors.

Founded by Mowalola Ogunlesi, this brand is all about having an edge. The brand recently released "The Simple Life" bag.

Whokilledkyle World offers everything from jewelry to clothing, and its creator is consistently expanding and evolving into a #girlboss to watch.

Suzi Soma is an Atlanta-based affirmation jewelry brand founded by Jeanine McDonald. The jewelry brand offers some of the cutest chokers and astrology pendants I’ve ever seen.

A handmade earring company that aims to provide high quality, sustainable, and unique jewelry pieces. The company was founded by Olivia Bernard and is a fun, bright, and playful brand.

Happy Holidays!

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