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Brown Is The New Neutral

For so long, I looked at the color brown as “untouchable.” I’m not sure why, but I always steered away from clothes that included any shade of brown. When I went for neutral colors in my wardrobe, I gravitated towards tans or blacks - never brown. Maybe I steered clear of brown because I found it to be such a hard color to style, or perhaps it was because I subconsciously viewed it too flesh-toned.

It feels like everyone has been bit by the brown bug within the last year. More and more clothing companies have begun to produce more brown in their clothing options. Brown was also named the IT Color for Winter 2021-2022. Brown is officially the new neutral, black, new IT Girl on the block. So, naturally, I thought it would be insightful to give you all the reasons you NEED brown options in your wardrobe like yesterday.

First up, brown is a way more inviting color than black. Don’t get it twisted; I LOVE a cute all-black fit. Teenage me went through such a hardcore goth phase that she wore only black every single day for a whole year in 11th grade. But I’m also aware that black can come off as intimidating and cold at times and even a bit flavorless. With all the different hues that brown offers, there’s more of a range to play around with when finding that perfect outfit that looks sophisticated yet interesting.

Speaking of the different hues of brown, that brings me to my next point: browns bring more range. There are a limited number of shades with tan or black to play around with to create attractive outfits. You can mix and match different shades with browns, and the fashion options are endless.

The last reason brown is a MUST have is specific to my brown-skinned girls, and that's because brown looks delectable on brown skin. I already love monochromatic looks, but when you pair it with flesh-toned clothing, the result is nothing less than breathtaking.

So, brown is the official IT Color for every IT Girl this season, and you should follow suit. Hang up that little black dress and find the perfect brown dupe; I promise you won’t regret it.

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