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Boots Season

It's that time of the year!

We're finally approaching my personal favorite time of year! Boots in Fall go hand and hand together like Chicken & Waffles - by that I mean, you MUST have at least one good pair of Fall boots in your closet, like now.

If you've had some trouble in the past over finding a good pair of boots for the season, I GOTCHU! Here are some of my favorite websites/boot styles that are perfect for Fall.


These Lamoda boots are the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe. Pair them with a little black dress + a black coat and you have the perfect outfit hack to spooky season.


Oh for the love of pink! These Privileged shoes will have you feeling like the MAIN CHARACTER, okaaaaay. While typically, the color scheme for Fall clothing is reds, oranges, and browns, I just love color! I'm a firm believer that color is to be worn all year round.


These Demonia boots are similar to the Lamoda boots, except they are knee-highs instead of thigh highs. Pair these with a cute crop top + a long skirt and you have an edgy touch on a feminine look.

Whether you shop from these boots or explore the sites that I've listed, I hope you find the best pair of boots to fit you. Happy boots season!

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