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Quarantine & Beyond: 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

So, its summertime and one thing the pandemic has not changed, in Atlanta IT'S HOT AS HELL!!! Traditionally, summer is not my favorite season because you can only take off so many clothes before being arrested for public indecency or have the possibility of sweating off an eyebrow. Nevertheless, we have to put something on. I am here to tell you what the girls are wearing and how to still be cute during this weird time. Here are five items that are essential for Summer 2020.

1. Tye Dye Shirt

The biggest thing that reminds me of summer is COLOR! We want to keep everything fun and bright during this season. Tye Dye shirts are old school summer essentials that made its way back to the forefront. Either pair these with some light wash denim or some khaki pants to really highlight the top.

Top: Topshop Tye Dye Sheer Top

2. Heeled Flip Flops

Growing up, I always had the little PVC flip flops in every color. As an adult, I’ve transitioned to heeled flip flops. It’s giving you comfort and ease and allowing you to elevate any outfit. Whether you’re going to the pool or just your homegirl’s house for lunch, heeled flip flops are serving casual cute. Pair these with some cargo to keep it casual or an army green pant, with a nude top for brunch with the girls.

Heeled Flip Flop: Vince Camuto

3. Light Denim

As a thick girl, shorts can be a biggggg problem during the summer and we do not want the harshness of dark denim. SO when switching it up from shorts or pants, try a pair of light wash jeans. These literally go with everything and can be paired with sneakers or heels. Great to pair with your tye-dye shirt or a crop top

and a blazer for a more structured look.

Light Wash Denim: American Thread

4. Colored Blazer

  1. Again, WE WANT COLOR. Save the black blazer for fall and switch to a colored blazer. This can be pair with shorts, dress, or even the light denim. Pair this with a white crop top, biker shorts, and strappy sandals for an elevated athleisure look.

Blazer: Halogen X Atlantic Pacific

5. Telfar Bag

Last but most certainly not least…. A TELFAR BAG. This bag is the most coveted bag right now. Lower than your Gucci and Chanel, Telfar is giving you the luxury and a more accessible price point. They come in every color and size. Just like your lipgloss, this can be paired with anything. On your days to work, add this to a nice dress and add some shades for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment

TELFAR Bag: small black shopper

I will be bringing more gems every Tuesday. Next week we are gonna dive deeper on…. TELFAR BAGS. I’m gonna show you how to wear them, how to get them, and what makes them so special. Tune in next Tuesday, and remember, ALWAYS keep it cute!

Nia Simmone

IG & Twitter: @niasimmone

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Courtney Tousana
Courtney Tousana
04 ago 2020

Okay, bc I’m def trynna get that breakfast at Tiffany’s look off ✨

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Pussy Power
Pussy Power
28 jul 2020

Come through telfar bag!

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