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5 songs from SZA's SOS and the best places to listen to them.

I love living my life like I am filming a coming-of-age documentary.

The key to an award-winning movie, is a killer soundtrack and SZA's new album, SOS, was a great addition to the queue.

Thus, I've crafted a guided list of 5 great scenarios to listen to some of my favorite songs on the album. If you would like to follow along, load up the album and click play on the song when directed by pictures.

Let's set the scene!

You're at home cooking with your significant other of a few months. Nothing serious of course, just a fun, relaxing time. Good conversation, good looks, and good eats. Y'all are cooking a hearty meal, let's just say your favorite oven roasted dish. The sides are simmering gently on the stove and the main course is in the oven so you both sit down to enjoy each other's company for a few moments. Oh, but don't forget to set the timer! and the tone.

- Click Play -

Riiiiingggg Bahbahbahhhhh It's ready!

Okay I hope that was pleasurable and not a reminder of your past failed relationships lmaoooo

Either way! Now, you are in a drop top (insert your favorite drop top vehicle) on a long coast with nice sandy, serene beaches. Your shades are on, hair (or skin?) feeling the breeze push past you. It feels like you're floating stably in rushing water. It's feels... good. You've zoned out of the playlist you set when the ride began, but there's a silence in the wind as your next song begins. You look at your CarPlay and there it is. Just the song you needed right now.

-Click Play-

If you don't own a car, journaling is also a great way to enjoy that song.

Now onto the next selection.

A drive down the coast can be a little too unpredictable when you're looking for stability during tough times.

These past few years have been just that, so you're at the spa. Giving your body that much needed break from reality that its been craving for a while. You just got done reading in the sauna and you're headed to a massage. The warm floors brace your feet as you stop and realize you need some music to keep you in the spirits on your journey to the next location. You tuck your book into your mini satchel and put in your headphones in.

-Click Play-

On to the next tune.

This one is best for those solo dates to the mall. You're desperately in need of something fitting for an upcoming occasion of joy. The overall busyness of your current surroundings will not allow for any train of thought to even begin to form. Like always, you grab your headphones to set your mind right.

-Click Play-

That song is also wonderful for rides in a busy city or headed out for a nice night with friends.

Finally, a new classic.

You're looking at yourself getting ready for your big day. You look stunning and know you're on the path that you've been dreaming of for a long time. This moment feels perfect and luckily sza made a great song to remind you to stay appreciative. These moments are just that. Small instances in time that you want to place importance in and remember forever. Your heart is full and your mind at ease as you click play on this next song.

-Click Play-

I hope you enjoyed your monthly guided album review! Come back once a week for another Osh update :)

If you got this far (or skipped ahead), comment your current favorite album to listen to below!

-Osh <3

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