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NYFW Takes Atlanta: Savage X Fenty Watch Party Recap

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

“I just love anything Rihanna does!, Saika Bince (@saikoworld) said as she entered a hazy hot pink Ambient + Studio’s gallery room. A honey golden hour kissed Atlanta as people filed into the space with eagerness in their step and a smile on their faces. Or maybe their best “smize”, as cameras flashed around the room. Your favorite Rihanna tracks pumped through the speakers and the pink and magenta lights cast a sexy aura. The Amazon Original Savage x Fenty Show Watch Party had begun.

In honor of this years’ New York Fashion Week, Robyn Fenty hosted her second annual Savage x Fenty collection on September 10 with a private watch party in Atlanta the week after. With the new spring collection making its debut at Barclays that Tuesday, a highly anticipated 40- minute production was set to be released by Amazon Prime Video that Friday. In true diva fashion, the bad gal released a teaser video on the 17th, giving us a quick look at the new line, models, and talent to be featured in the show. There was a 3-day countdown before the show was released and streaming through everyone’s devices in over 200 countries. Being the special city that is it, Atlanta was chosen to host the special watch party, along with Chicago.

The party began before you walked in, literally. As you valeted your car or stepped out of your Uber, the Amazon Treasure Truck awaited you with Savage x Fenty gear. The first 200 guests were gifted a classic Savage x Fenty camisole and customizable panty. Walking into the space, you were greeted with tasty hors d’oeuvres, a sweet mango salsa cracker bite to start, with a selection of different spirits from the bar. If you looked across the room, there was a standing backdrop with a posed Rihanna, taken from one of the press shoots for the Spring line, a photo booth, worked by Atlanta’s very own, Christian Cody (@christian__cody).

“I can’t wait to work with her one day. She is beyond inspiring,” Cody expressed. He even keeps it in his Instagram bio. Now residing in New York, the “IMAGE MAKER” was asked to shoot for the watch party in his hometown. His energy was on a high from recently working NYFW with brands like NO SESSO, Maki Oh, and Gauntlett Cheng. “I want to engulf myself in all things black; people and art.”

Like everyone else, Rihanna is his standard for all things creative and black. Cody is stirred by her efforts to make her mark in the industry and knows that he’s on his way to do the same.

In preparation for the screening of the new Savage x Fenty Show, gourmet popcorn was passed around as everyone took a break from mingling and grabbed a seat (or two). As if we were all seated at Barclays itself, we began to cheer as FENTY FILMS blinked on the screen and the actual party started. Blessed with Rihanna’s beautiful face, we indulged in the footage from behind the scenes and some of what her inspiration is for Savage x Fenty and the show.

“I want to see what’s new! I love anything by Rihanna, so this is so exciting”, fashion and travel blogger Chelsea Patricia (@chelseapatricia) shared. She was caught in the screening room taking film photos with her blogging best friend, Alexandra Amico (@alexandraamico). Her vintage Chanel purse in one hand and a mini Moet in the other, we chatted about why she was in attendance and what she expects from the show. “I actually watched the show last night and I absolutely love how she [Rihanna] is always so inclusive. From her makeup and her models; I love that so much.”

In addition to the variety of models Rihanna casted in season 2 of her lingerie line, the crowd ogled at the cameos of their favorite celebrities, artists, and even close friends like models Kyrsten (@kyrstianity) and Nessa (@nesabenjamin), and celebrity makeup artist Rai (@raisaflowers). We danced when the music moved us, sing along to the tunes of our hearts, and applauded when reverence was deserved.

“…Experiencing the show here with everyone was completely different from taking everything in at home, but I loved it,'' fashion blogger Nia Simmone (@niasimmone) commented.

By the end of the night, we were all satisfied- whether it be in delectable bites, seemingly endless champagne, great conversations and photo ops, or simply seeing Rihanna’s face.

For Atlanta to be considered for a private screening of the fabulous S/S 2020 Savage x Fenty Show, it was more than an honor. Her meticulous and creative thought was reflected in this new season’s pieces and event décor and seeing the fashionable and talented ATLiens made the event a hit. I would pray that Rihanna shared her creative process with us for each fashion release, but I really want new music! Whether or not your toes were screaming to be let out of a pair of heels or you, yourself were screaming, because Rihanna walked in her own show, the watch party was a complete success.

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