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Looks We loved: Billboard’s Women In Music

Billboard's Women in Music event came right on time! What better way to kick start Women's History Month than honoring women?

There are so many directions that you could go when deciding what to wear for a red carpet event, or for this matter- pink carpet! The goal is always to stand out by being bold, creative and confident! Here are some looks that caught our eye!

Doechii in Seyit Ares

Doechii has definitely collected all 6 infinity stones- channeling the all powerful Thanos with this out of this world look!


Laya in Jessica Rich

Is it a phone? is it a purse? It's both! If landlines make their way into fashion, maybe I wont have to explain to my future kids what a house phone is! This look definitely has me eager to see future Laya appearances!


Baby Tate in Vivienne Westwood

Baby Tate challenges the trendy miniskirt, with a mind blowing mini-crini made using a repurposed VWW scarf, paying homage to our sustainable queen's SS85 collection. Vivienne Westwood is considered one of the most unconventional and outspoken fashion designers. We all know that well behaved women rarely make history and this look is one for the books. Safe to say Tate’s super camp look went over some people’s heads, but we’ve got our eyes on her.


Tinashe in Christopher John Rogers

Tinashe sports a fun look at the Women In Music event. Christopher John Rogers knows how to make a garment that pops on and off of the Pink Carpet. I can't be the only one trying to learn her secret for getting that lifted look up top!


Ari Lennox in Haleia

Ari came through applying pressure. The beauty, the elegance, the class! You can tell that she does this so effortlessly.


Doja Cat in Carolina Herrera

Get into it YUH! Congratulations to Doja Cat who was recognized as this years powerhouse! She is absolutely living up to that through everything that she does! With Doja, you can always expect the unexpected, but she switched it up on us with a simple yet bold ensemble. The superstar looked like a present in the avant-garde gown, plunging neckline and tulle poof wrapped with a big black bow on top!


I loved watching an event that focuses on celebrating and recognizing the work of women. I’m definitely hoping to see more events and award ceremonies with women in the forefront. Remember to celebrate women daily and not just in the month of March!

Make sure to comment who your favorite look was! Subscribe and check back for future blog post! Follow me on Instagram @eff0rtless to see what i'm up to!

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Tinashes look is my favvv 👏🏾 All of the colorsss


Amber S
Amber S
Mar 06, 2022

great read! loved all these looks!

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