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Hey Girlfriends!

Girlfriends Television is a media platform curated for women creatives to be transparent and carry on the conversation on various hot topics that are not only related to badass women, but badass creatives. The settings of our shows are always intimate and telling, creating a safe space for the creatives that they feature bringing them closer.

Not only has Girlfriends TV become an impressionable media platform in Atlanta, we are known for hosting multiple events from New Year’s celebrations, artist showcases, and our recent I Just Wanna Talk: Community event in collaboration with Creative Women of ATL.

Girlfriends Television was created to have more inclusion on media platforms for women. On our show, we share relatable dialogue among ambitious and talented women in the creative industry. Our purpose is to relax, enjoy relative company, support, and enjoy discussing our similar lifestyles. Our goal at the end of this discussion is to bring women closer, make them feel reassured, and to make them feel prepared for the near future due to advice and talks from each other. Keep up with the conversation by following us on social media!

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