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Experiencing Abundance!

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

How do you handle grief at this time of the year?

1. Feel your feelings-Journal, listen to music, take a walk, meditate, swim, dance

2. Get rest, exercise, eat right. Time to relax is important!

3.Plan Ahead- As much as possible, keep ahead of finances, elevate added stress

4.Learn to say no and focus on priorities

5. Spend time with positive friends, communicate unsaid emotions or messages to a lost loved one. Write a letter or share it with a friend.

6.Get support- do not stay isolated when feeling sad or lonely. Attend support groups, see a counselor, phone an empathetic friend or church group

7. Get out and meet genuine new friends (One is silver and the other is gold!)

8.Understand that 2020 is the "new beginning"...Look for opportunities, manifest positive situations, understand that this is our year of abundance!Abundance in relationships, health, communication, opportunities!

8. Visualize how the abundance will improve your life and the community of people around you.(Having a plan keeps the abundance from slipping through your hands)

9.Gratitide is everything! Be grateful for everything. Take time each day to reflect on your successes. Thank God and those who bless you!

10. The more gratitude you express, the more abundance you experience!

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