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BEY-T-L!!! A Review of Being A Part of Concert History

When the world first shattered with the initial hinting of RENAISSANCE, us fans and listeners were not in the slightest bit prepared for the not just musical but cultural impact that we were about to experience. Unique, unapologetic, and uplifting…Beyoncé created an album that fed souls, gave life, and restored faith in music.

Now my beautiful city of Atlanta was graced with the presence of the music goddess we all know as Beyoncé this past weekend and she gave us a real show on this Southside stop. Since our city won the #MuteChallenge on Friday night, we were surprised with the run through of the WHOLE album including THIQUE and ALL UP IN YOUR MIND, a rendition of Drunk In Love with the extended runs that were made famous in her Dubai private performance, and the longest concert running time since her opening night. We sang, we chanted, we vogued for our lives.

It wasn’t just the musical aspect that makes the RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR so monumental. Even when you’re on the way to the show, you can see a sea of black, hot pink, platinum, and LED cowboy hats. It was a literal fashion show. To know that one celebrity can amass thousands of people to create a fashion dress code for her specific tour is literally unheard of. Beyoncé also paid homage to a multitude of LGBTQ superstars and advocates that made a big impact on music, fashion, dance, culture, and her personal life: Big Freedia, Syd Bennet of The Internet, Grace Jones, Moi Renee, Honey Dijon, Kevin Aviance, TS Madison and of course, her late Uncle Jonny.

But don’t take it from me…let’s hear from the alien superstars that were a part of history. All interviewees attended the Atlanta leg of the RENAISSANCE World Tour…

Myself: Ebonee Bailey



As this was my first Bey concert and getting the tickets was a complete surprise, I got my whole life from start to finish. I attended Monday night so I was able to get the extended performance and groove to the whole album. Also knowing that AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM is obviously Bey’s favorite song on her album because she does a whole costume and set change for that one song. But honestly, seeing her daughter Blue perform was the best part of the show


They/she, non-binary


Honestly, I already knew going into the concert that it was going to be amazing and I was still shocked at how incredible it was. Being a Black and Queer person, seeing the respect and attention to detail she paid to the community was heartwarming. The musicality, visuals, and choreography were all spot on - you can really tell that Beyoncé and her whole team put so much of themselves into making this unforgettable.

Keiarra McLean



Bey’s production is UNMATCHED. I’ve always heard about it, but seeing it for myself was a wild experience. The visuals ATE down. Her voice sounded angelic and as smooth as can be even 20+ years in the game. She’s forever THAT GIRL!

Wan Parker


America Has A Problem

Everything was SO PERFECT! The outfits, the energy, the vibe, oh my goodness it was such a moment. I would do it all over again, I got my entire LIFE.

Kaila Robinson


Virgo’s Groove

Her mind is so different. When she said “No one else in this world can think like me.” She was telling the truth! The effort, the determination, the consideration! That woman is different. She has me looking for tix in other states.

Alexis Poole (Lexi)



The Renaissance concert was spectacular especially from Club Renaissance since Beyoncé herself looked so ethereal. The ENERGY from the crowd on night one was indescribable. Everything about the concert showcased Beyoncé’s attention to detail and commitment to storytelling.

Terrance Keith


Church Girl

The Renaissance show is way more than just a concert, it’s an experience, and she takes you on a journey. I went twice and each time I felt different. Especially the Atlanta show since she did Thique, All Up in Your Mind, and Drunk in Love. That had me going wild in the crowd, because she hadn’t done those songs since the opening show. As a dancer the Renaissance show was inspiring and motivating and I am grateful to have experienced it. I’d go again if I could lol.

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